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Welcome to Give Them Romance, a newsletter where we share spicy, sweet, and sometimes naughty romance novels, relationship blogs, and stories featuring BIPOC leading ladies.

Created by long-time friends and writers, Sujeiry Gonzalez and Krista Purnell, they decided to launch this relationship newsletter and Corner of Press, their independent publishing enterprise, to celebrate the lives of Latinx and African American characters. There aren’t enough books or blogs written for us by us and so we are here to change that!

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Where to Find Our Books

Enjoy our romance novels and series! They are all available on Amazon paperback and Kindle. Buy our romance novels here!

About the Founders

Sujeiry Gonzalez is an OG relationship blogger and journalist. Her relationship blogs and articles have been published in Latina Magazine, Hip Latina, Well + Good, Cosmopolitan, Madamenoire, YourTango, and many more. She also hosted her relationship, talk radio show, Love Sujeiry, on SiriusXM. Sujeiry self-published her first book, Love Trips, in 2012 and debuted her first romance novel, Candi, in 2022 with Corner of Press, Krista and Sujeiry’s independent publishing house. She currently lives on Long Island, NY with her 7-year-old son, Evan, who loves reading Old Lady books and telling Sujeiry not to sing or dance so sexily! 

Krista Purnell has been writing since childhood. From fictional stories to letters to the editor, she’s always used her words to make a point. That love for crafting words and sharing stories eventually led her to start her own blog about life as a twentysomething (which is what initially connected her and business partner, Sujeiry, many years ago!). Her writing opportunities later expanded to the intimate apparel industry where she was a regular contributor to The Lingerie Post and later The Lingerie Addict, where she also served as an editor. She’s excited to share more of her work through Corner of Press, including her first foray into fiction! After spending most of her adult life in New York City, she is currently living la vida in Los Angeles. 

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